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The days when one used to be upset about the performance of one’s PC without any stable solution in hand are gone. Now-a-days, a lot many tips & tricks can be followed to enhance the performance of one’s computer while fastening its speed.

The task of PC optimization uses utilities which are available with in the Windows itself and can be run free of cost as many times as one wishes. The best part is that these solutions are applicable to almost all the window operating systems which include Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP as well. By making slight changes in the process, the same methods can be used for all.

Here are some of the best tips which you can follow to optimize your PC to its best performance:

Run Check Disk Program Once a Week
Errors created on the hard disk of a computer due to the crashing of a program or power outage results in slow PC. For resolving this issue, you can run the Check Disk Program which is one of the several PC tools which comes with the windows operating system. Using this program, the errors on your computer can be easily identified and cleaned. The only need to run this program is you should be logged on as an administrator in your PC.

Remove Temporary Files Once a Week
While surfing webpages, your PC picks up and stores various temporary files. This is most evident while working on programs like Microsoft Word. The accumulation of these files hampers the speed of the PC and slows it down. In order to get rid of all these unwanted files, it is recommended to run Disk Cleanup once a week which helps in removing the temporary files from the system.

Optimize your Data Once a Week
Addition of programs and files to your PC slows down its performance. Breaking down of files by the computer in order to increase the speed of retrieval often leads to a fragmented file.
Fragmented files further slow down the speed of the computer as it needs to look for all the fragments of the file after that.  For resolving this problem, Windows is shipped with a Disk Defragmenter program which can get back all your files together and enable it to open more quickly.

The best part is that in Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems come pre configures to run these programs automatically on a weekly basis.

Reduce Webpage History Size
It is recommended not to store more than a week's webpage history as it slows down the performance of a computer to a large extent.

Avoid Saving Encrypted Webpages
Encrypted webpages scramble information which prevents the reading of sensitive information.  The best solution is to configure the Internet Explorer of your PC to not save these types of pages. This frees up a lot of space which helps in enhancing the speed as well as the performance of the computer.
Apart from this, you can automate windows update and remove spyware from your PC to increase the efficiency of the system as well as protect it from any kind of security threats.

There are many free programs available to help you in cleaning your computer like:

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